My Eden Is in You

by D.L. Teamor

My Eden here on earth is in you, I wonder if you’re aware.
You’re my delight, created and blessed by God;
my sacred space.
My Eden here on earth is in you.

In your eyes are the crystal waters of beginnings,
revealing the essence of timelessness.
The depth of your stare refuses the captivity of boundaries.
Richly nourished and the cultivator of life,
you are the image of my longing as I envision your fountain
rising in the midst of the garden.
My Eden here on earth is in you.

The ultimate picture of beauty and the overabundance of my satisfaction,
you are my perfect home.
Your trees provide the fruit that sustains me
and your leaves have healed my land.
Your strong arms of protection are the swords that ward off intruders
that have come to capture my love.
My Eden here on earth is in you.

Your opulence invades my humility;
your glory, my submission.
To eat from your tree of knowledge is not my desire,
I rely on your wisdom from the Father to guide me
and I follow instinctively.

Naked in your sight, yet unashamed;
you are my wellspring of life,
my subconscious mind, wherein lies my true being.

I look to you to translate the unspoken language of my spirit nature
that can only be read by your heart.
You are more than simply a place.
You are my way of life and the condition of my soul.
You are my paradise,
and my Eden here on earth, my beloved…
is in you.

My Eden Is in You by D.L. Teamor

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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