I Move Like Africa

by D.L.Teamor

I move like Africa. 
I move like Africa because I feel the winds that sweep the Nile.
In those winds are the breaths of the mothers 
who gave birth to our greatest-grands 
and their children and our grandparents and their children...
I feel the breeze that blows the leaves of Ethiopian olive trees.
In that breeze are the spirits of our fathers - - 
our fathers who were our leaders, sages and griots - - 
our guardians, defenders and mainstays - - 
those that passed down the stories of their fathers 
and their greatest-grands and taught us who we really are and from whom 
we've truly descended.
I move like Africa.
I move like Africa because I'm intoxicated by the scents of cocoa and shea, mango and guava.
I can taste the yam and the plantain and green leaves, the curry and the cloves.
I move like Africa...
Sway like Africa...
Sashay like Africa...
because the continent itself is in me;
the red, green and black is within me.
I move like Africa...
I sing like Africa...
One with the kings and queens of Africa
...and I dream of Africa
I move like Africa
because it's Africa that moves me!

I Move Like Africa by D.L.Teamor

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