Black Brother

by D.L. Teamor

Black Brother so strong, so brave and so pure
why does your head hang low?
Are you feeling the pain of years gone by,
or the bondage of not long ago?

Black Brother so wise, so talented, so true,
why do so many tears tend to roll?
Do you think of the lies that they always tell?
Have they crept their way into your soul?

Black Brother, Iím here, come tell me whatís wrong.
Iíve been right there with you through it all.
I have lifted your spirit, and wiped your brow,
and I will catch you whenever you fall.

Black King, come to me,
Iím your Queen, itís meant to be;
Iím not blonde, brunette, fair, or olive-toned.
Iím the only one for you, no one knows you like I do.
Come rest now, Sweet King, youíre home.

Black Brother, Divine, the first of the world,
lift your head, let me dry your eyes.
Together we can make it, neither one in front,
But hand in hand and side by side.

With the bronze of our skin;
and the coarse of our hair;
and the distinctions of our bodies so rare;
weíll fight on, live the dream,
fight the war- - or so it seems.
Together, Brother and Sister, weíll make it there.

Black Brother by D.L. Teamor

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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