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Tonya Ellis is a writer/comedian/humorist who currently resides in Houston, TX. where she's originally from. She's a manager in a health food store for her day job. She is a lifelong writer & a border line O.G. Hip Hop head who lived in NYC for a very long time up until recently. She says, "I loved Kendrick Lamarís performance at the Grammyís this year. As Kendrick Lamarís artistic performance was the personification of art as a higher form of protest (which goes along with the more positive traditions of Hip Hop). " Her book Down & Out During the Obama Chronicles (The Second Term) can be found at & also Amazon/Kindle. She has also completed 3 screenplays and says, "If anyone knows how to break into showbiz on the screenplay level, please feel free to contact me at "

She goes on to state, "As I consider myself an artist with sensitive sensibilities- I am definitely hoping not see the 2Pac movie written by Euro-Americans that will probably be released soon. As I do not understand why the very essence of any story about 2Pac who is essentially an anti-establishment artist moving against the grain of the 'system' should be written by writers who are not African American? With the 'system' in question being the 'Hollywood' system. Like so many institutions in America the 'Hollywood' system is one that has been setup primarily for the profit of Euro-Americans.

You can contact Ms. Ellis via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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