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Influenced at the age of 14 by an Emily Dickinson poem, Jeffrey Duarte began writing poetry. Now, more than 20 years later, Jeffrey has written over 1,400 poems and continues to add to his body of work.

On August 13, 2001, he founded Speak-Easy Publishing LLC. The company was created with the self-publishing author in mind. Speak-Easy Publishing seeks to be the consultant to the self-publishing author. In times when large companies look hard at the bottom line, they may overlook the new or unknown author, especially the poets. Speak-Easy Publishing wants to assist those authors trying to present their art to the public. The company is based in Takoma Park, Maryland and uses the slogan, "where the written word comes alive." To date, Speak-Easy Publishing has released three books of poetry and has three more books that will be released between now and April.

In 1995, he was influenced by a friend to consider using a penname. However, it was not until he found himself looking for a screen name on America On-Line that he decided on his first penname, Stimulates. Since that time, he has taken on two other pennames, the Silhouette Lover and well, you may have heard of Confucius, the Chinese Philosopher, Jeffrey is Brofucius, the philosophical brother. Under the penname Stimulates, he has written the book, Watch and Twirl and Spin, released December 3, 2001. Under the penname the Silhouette Lover, he has written the book, Standing in the Shadows of Love, released May 23, 2002. Under the penname Brofucius, he has written the book, The Philosophical Brother, released November 27, 2002. His next book, a collaborative effort, entitled Why I Stare at You, will be released February 2003.

Jeffrey has performed at Bohemian Caverns and Market Five Gallery in Washington, D.C. He is a regular at "Verse, Vibes, and Bites" at Barnes & Noble in downtown Washington, D.C. He has performed at Butch's BBQ Restaurant in Suitland, Maryland. He has performed at The Harrison Museum of African-American Culture and the annual Bulldog Jazz Festival in Roanoke, Virginia. He also does readings for book clubs, private parties, and other small venues.

Jeffrey says, "I consider poetry to be an extension of the soul and a way to use words to stimulate the senses and the imagination. It is the capturing of truth and beauty as one sees it and using words like colors on a palette to paint into the minds of those reading the masterpieces of life and its experiences. Poetry is where the written word comes alive."

Currently, Jeffrey works as a Training and Development Specialist at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in Washington, D.C. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information and Systems Science degree from the University of the District of Columbia and a Masters of Science in Organization Development and Human Resources degree from the Johns Hopkins University.

Speak-Easy Publishing will be releasing Why I Stare at You by Jeffrey G. Duart‚ and Gregory T. Boykin in February 2003, The Mourner's Bench and Other Stations of Weeping & Joy by Billye Okera in April 2003.

To order books, inquire about publishing, or bookings, you may contact Jeffrey one of the following ways:

Send Jeffrey mail to: Speak-Easy Publishing LLC, P.O. Box 11377, Takoma Park, Maryland 20913.

Website: and coming soon

You can contact Mr. Duarte via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Stimulates/The Silhouette Lover/Brofucius


And I Want You
Autumn Sky
Black Prince
Dreamin' Of You (Just Feel What I Can Do)
Echoes Of Tears
Eloquence Escapes Me
God Has Dealt
Inner-City Blues
Intimacy Where I Fell
My Favorite Pick
Murder Capital
Philosophically, I Am The One
Scent of A Candle
The Child In Your Face
The Silhouette Lover
The Threshold To Your Soul
This Ain't Livin'
Time Unfolds
What's The Happs
Whispers Away

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