I Wannna


I wanna stroll through the park bare-footed
and feel the grass
I wanna play with a puppy
and listen to the laughs and cries of my first
son or daughter
I wanna laugh strong and CRY even harder
I wanna run, jump, and dance to my music
I wanna, I’m gonna play it LOUD!
I wanna take a bath, and ride a bike
hold her hand and have free dreams at night
I wanna love
I mean really luuuuuve!
Say love, see love
make love, be loved
Taste the love between her thighs
I wanna Big Mac and some of those good ass fries
I wanna eat what I want, when I want
breakfast at 7
dinner at 6
I wanna see the stars at 12
and I wanna make a wish
I wanna wear what I want,
try on a brand new pair of shoes
I wanna speak what’s on my mind,
without the fear of breaking “the rules”
I wanna make a snowman
and shovel the snow
I wanna cut my grass
I wanna let it grow
I wanna sit on my own porch
and watch my friends drive by
I wanna look back on my past
and again, I wanna CRY!
I wanna barbeque and eat watermelon
and drink the coldest red kool-aid
out of a glass
I want my tongue to turn strawberry red
I want my brain freeze to last
I wanna dial only 7 numbers
I wanna dial str-8 through
I wanna talk on my phone alllll night
until my face turns ocean blue
I wanna watch Malcolm X
on a DVD
“Do the Right Thing”
with Spike Lee
I wanna see the internet for the first time
and see how it really feels to be “online”
I wanna eat fried chicken
and take a good shit
in my own bathroom
and on my own toilet
without a pound of paper wrapped around it
I wanna control my own heat
I wanna control my own air
I wanna dream about a woman
and when I awake, she’s laying there
I wanna turn flips on old mattresses
in broken bottle alleyways
I wanna play spin the bottle
and all the games the ghetto children play
Hop-scotch and hide and seek
Jump rope with the little girls
on the sidewalk
I wanna play football in the street
I wanna play tag
I wanna be “it”
I wanna laugh until my stomach hurts
and tears of joy fall just a bit
I wanna hear the ice cream truck
as it jingles down my street
I wanna run from my house and chase it
I wanna eat a freeze pop in the summers heat
I wanna say I’m sorry
I wanna say goodbye
I wanna grieve for those I lost
Yes, again, I wanna CRY!
I wanna appreciate the small things
The simple, everyday
taken for granted things
I wanna awake in the morning
and hear free birds sing
I wanna be free!
I wanna be free!
UNBOUND and let LOOSE to fly
like paper airplanes blowing in the winds
of October
I wanna be free
I want this shit to be over…

i wanna go home.

I Wannna by SILK

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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