The Senses of the Ocean

by Sherrie' Jackson

The ocean is shades of Alice Aero(Air-oh) & Air- force Blue
The mouth of the rocky mountain curves smile-lesly pushes through
The tides effortlessly intertwine with one another like little toddlers playing do
My heart is memorizing as I watch my life breathe the different shades of blue
That was my personal metaphor can you construe?
Let me get back to my art and continue my break through
The slippery warm bursting whirlpool has now enticed my physical to join the play
My heart is already in it why delay when it looks like a tempting parfait
My sinful, humbled and criticized grime walks anxiously into the sea
With every thrust in footstep I want to drown in it and continue to go deep infinitely 
Iím drowning peacefully because Iíve been cleaned by God who created the waters
I was created from dust donít punish me with slaughter
Allow me to penetrate the water fearlessly 
It smells like vigorous, summer night air seriously
The deep waters smell like fresh rain unlike the decaying grass water smell of the beginning shore
For it smells like the back of a nasty tongue that could never be restored
Despite the smell the ocean taste salty and stings my eyes OH LORD!
The intricate lustrous pattern of the warm liquid sounds like rain
It calms my psyche as if I drank a half bottle of Champaign
The currents remind me of vibrato; (vi-brah-toh)
My body is the instrument and the ocean sings to me and puts emphasis on my tone, 
this is the best feeling in the world--being swallowed
My tone is my body strength, my coloring blend and my body make-up
You knowóGods painting of me, which was originally dust
Just read the scriptures "In God I trust"
I was uniquely created
God has never left me unaided
Iíve released sexually, spiritually and emotionally
The ocean is my everlasting sanity openly

The Senses of the Ocean by Sherrie' Jackson

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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