My Crush

by Sherrie' Jackson

I've never been able to decipher your scent
I admire you from afar if I could have you every day kinda like a supplement
I imagine you smell like fresh lilies blooming in the spring
Or fresh linens drying on a Sunday afternoon how could I not cling 
I wonder what your favorite cologne is
I wonder what kind of soap you use to fizz
I yearn for your scent on my pillow and between my red sheets
You feel strong I want to feel your heartbeat
You feel secure
This feels right I endure
Your skin is soft like rose petals or a blanket throw
This man here is magnificent fasho!
I wonder if you taste as good as you look
You are pure and I am hooked
A water scent I prefer
I yearn to be quenched do you conquer?
My tummy is the arithmetic and you are the answer
I hope my words move you 
Now tell me you point of view
You are high flown and you stand firm
Your chest beams & shimmers—you walk proud as if you just aced your midterm YUP you are a bookworm
You are of African descent
Your smile is alluring the craving and unfulfilled appetite I have for you I just can't prevent
Your teeth are the reflection of white linen
Our lips have a divine connection that could never be missed just stop and really listen and stop “grinn'n”
Your sculpture is exceptional
You are bowlegged how delectable
You look like you have played football your whole life
Your hands are manly and big I'm sure you're good at catching wildlife
I'm always at the movies for you are my scene
Your voice has a distinctive accent
Your tone is so confident
Your utterance is honest
The infection of your cry is never wrecking your my male GODDESS
I am your solace
You could be a public speaker because your voice is educated
I look forward to you my thoughts are highly anticipated

My Crush by Sherrie' Jackson

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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