Invisible ME

by Sherrie' Jackson

Being withdrawn from society has no magistrate
I'm free to roam and infinitely gravitate

Consign to any crime

Just maybe one time

Ide pray for remission

Remorsefully swarming through the clouds 

I land into Satan's world 

determined to grant someone's life changing wish-MAN

Similar to what Jesus did for Lazarus 

the Son brought him back to life faster than water would hit a dripping pan

Or even faster than when Armageddon crash-lands 

For no one knows when it will expand like a rubber band

But that's a whole other poem that some of you atheist just refuse to understand

Ok...OK let me get back to the subject at hand

I tend to go here...there...for this poem want planned 

I feel invincible because I am invisible

I feel like I've had some green dragon and that makes you very unpredictable 

I wonder how angels feel in the heavenly kingdom to be in spirit

It would be nice to become coherent

As I'm effortlessly sifting through the streets at full velocity I'm invisible, 

somehow people still feel the voiceless sound of my unique vibrations

I grant my favorite actor or music artist several sensations 

What can I say I have imperfections and a little sin in me promiscuously?

His skin taste like a medium rare steak

His erection is never too much for it's the flavor of a thick milk shake

The scent of baby powder and never salty like the sea

I'm his temporary sweet pea

Being invisible is criminal 

I feel a sense of peace

At ease...

Is my thought process so pitiful? 

Of course not I'm invisible!

To you foes better believe the words I spit are original 

Never replicated or fabricated 

The words really aren't that complicated 

Invisible ME by Sherrie' Jackson

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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