by Sherrie' Jackson

Midnight Blue so beautiful and appeasing
It’s the color of all seven seas believe me
I could float wrapped in blue
I look into the celestial sphere and watch the stars pass through
I see me everywhere I am drawn and my eyes are stuck like glue
The stars are my tattoos
My eyes and the sky have soul ties
I would call it my special mix of fondue
As I gaze into me I see dark, bold and blue like the army or marines color scheme
So quiet and reserved as I sail downstream
Midnight Blue is my relief
I would never starve sailing in the sea I’m floating on life its always something to eat
I breathe blue & as my eyes close tight I see red
Both combined defines imagination the opposite of brain dead
Red is Sasha—Sasha is ME
I have sailed to shore and I’m out of the sea
Tick Tock Clock…time for a ambitious spree
People say I have somewhat of a masculine energy
Red is healthy I have synergy
My words are refreshing to your mind like fruit
You taste with your ears and digest my words pleasingly like ripe strawberry I now have become your personal pursuit
Nonetheless, the mental stretch of my words have aroused you
Ding Dong Knock Knock I look into my peep hole it’s my sexy Dominican in a sweat suit
His confident voice gives me cappuccino energy it’s so exciting 
His genetic makeup is so sincere that’s why I’m writing
Brown-n-cream thick like ice-cream
Brown-n-cream skeet is the color of icing
The two colors as one I call “bream”
I just made that word up can you read
I made brown n cream intervene
I move swift like a cheetah wrapped in this masculine energy that makes me feel whiskey
Shit just got frisky
“Bream” is reassuring 
I’m enduring
I have a sense of belonging
That I have been longing
“Bream” is obligation I have relations
So much stability and patience
Brown n Cream so thick n yummy 
Full of honesty 
You are the color of the earth so comforting and nurturing
You would never torture me
I connect with the earth I connect with you
The earth is my daddy better known as Papi’ you are always someone I can turn to 
Colors have emotional language
Blue is intelligence 
I can be a little reckless but still your relevance 
Brown is longevity 
Bless it BE
Red is vigor
Yeah I’m a love digger
The cream color scheme I combine as “bream”
Longevity with smooth sailing
I am now living my life and exhaling

Colors by Sherrie' Jackson

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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