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Therone Shellman’s mission is to write entertaining and insightful books for parents, singles, and young adults. Becoming an author has been a dream of his since childhood. Therone’s story is inspirational and motivational. He spent time in and out of jail during his late teens through early twenties. During his incarceration, Therone started writing about his life experiences. In 1989 he submitted his work to several major publishers but was ultimately turned down. His writing style was too gritty and raw for most major publishers at that time. Now, at 33, Therone plans to bring a whole new brand of hustle to the literary game, vowing to become the P Diddy/ Jay-Z of the written word.

1st Literature Experience:
"I must have been like ten yrs old. I got my first magazine subscription. It was a boy-scout mag. I would get each edition and read it from front to back, and eagerly wait for the next one to arrive."

Best Book: The Mis-Education of the Negro, by Carter G. Woodson

Best Novelist: Walter Mosley

Hobbies: Writing, reading, debating and building with like minds, exercising.

Goals: To one day be considered one of the greatest writers and visionaries. Build Third Eye Publishing Inc., into a full service publishing company. Write screenplays, and manage a team of screenplay writers. Most of all become a big influence in the markets of literature and visual arts. And last but not least contribute his views and arts for the advancement of society as a whole.

Message: "Through my eyes and stories I plan to tell the human experience. Not just to place blame or fault. But also to educate and provide solutions by causing you to think in ways that you may of never had before. Writing is my freedom. Someone once told me 'What good is it to have all this knowledge if you are not giving it to those who need it the most.'"

You can contact Mr. Shellman via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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Heaven & Hell
To Live And Die For Nothing
Under The Sun

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