To Live And Die For Nothing

by Therone Shellman

A person who lives for nothing then has nothing to die for. What’s the worthy price for ones life, to die in the streets like a dog by a ghat or knife. A world within a world where we are born a boy and girl, but, somehow change into something subhuman and strange. The chase is on the lust for that thin green paper is so strong enticing everyone to come-come along. It’s a joy ride and high until you end up in jail or possibly die. Sell, drugs, mug, stick up and be a thug. Life’s a bitch and then you die! So who gives a f—k? What?…What did I hear you say, go to school set goals and become someone one day. That sounds so lame. I want what I want now the future seems so far away. What’s the meaning of life anyway?

To Live And Die For Nothing by Therone Shellman

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