Have I Not Seen This

(The sad version)

by E. T. Scyffore

Have I not seen death?
Have I not known tears?
Have I not walked through dry places
seeking rest, and finding none?
Yet I found my life being spared,
thereby it might bring life to another.
have I not seen this?

Have I not experienced the loneliness
of a man trapped within the prison
of his own choices?
The luxury of pointing an accusatory
finger was not provided.
Therefore the truth was the only means
in which a troubled soul could find
have I not seen this?

Have I not seen the lives of men stolen
before they had a chance to begin?
Deception disguised as glamour
fame nothing more than a mere name;
and the reputation meaningless:
for they had not known, nor could they
that death resided there:
have I not seen this?

Have I not seen "colors" play a role in
the separation of minorities?
Not in the sense of whites looking down
upon blacks, or the latter being
subservient to a higher class.
But mine eyes have seen "colors" divide
by the claiming of a brotherhood, that
would bring about no charitable good.
have I not seen this?

Throughout my wanderings mine eyes
have looked upon the desirable
and those most despised;
and for them both my soul did cry:
have I not seen this?'

Have I Not Seen This by E. T. Scyffore

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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