by Samadhi

Can you hear it?
You should...Because if we are originated from The Source you're connected to it.
Sit still...for a minute and listen to it.

I'm from the infinite of the absolute invisible, visibly transformed 
to the relative world of vibrated frequencies and illusions
I'm from mass consciousness who consciously coerced my conception
I'm from intelligence so ingenious that the invitation for life was engrained 
in my soul.... So I RSVPd....I'll be there!

Because...who's gonna be late to the party of life?
But when I showed up something wasn't right...
I mean...I expected trials and tribulations but not this level of plight

So I choose to fight
Not to perpetuate senseless violence that destructs with recklessness
But with a fervor and passion of righteousness makes a difference...
In a culture lacking high sense of eloquence, cohesiveness, consciousness, and confidence

But don't mistake kindness for weakness...with too many pushes 
because I CAN AND WILL defend with an offensive offense
			But that's not my purpose...or maybe it times
			Choose otherwise...most times...'cause time flies experiences have scolded and molded my being 
With the wisdom that purpose of life is about giving...about believing...not looking


Whether it is standing on the stage of education with classes of audiences
Or role-playing in front of cameras for the masses
Or crafting jokes so those across the planetarium earshot laugh laughs
Or enterprising entrepreneurship for well-off finances
Or seeking actions, speakings, and listenings that raise human statuses
Or having the presence of mind when mine was full of absences
Or embarking on a matrimonial journey that makes love envy the Jones' 

With a voice that can loudly be heard even in silence
         a vision that can clearly pierce through dissonance
         a vibration that can powerfully awaken its reaches

Becoming thankful and aware of the powers in ME that were already there

So when opportunities appear...I have no fear
It's the very reason I'm standing here

Embracing all that I was, am, and forever will be...beyond physicality
My verse-ability is 'bout no matter where you be...leaving the most positive legacy

Verse-atility by Samadhi

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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