One Nation

by Samadhi

One Nation...Divisible

...With Liberty and Justice for all

All of who?

You and the rest of your crew
The crew of slave and land owners
The crew who treated the natives like foreigners

Deeming that you found a new land?
Or when politicians declared independence from the rule of the English's Black Hand

With rhetoric that for all men equality is created
While factions of society are separated and segregated

Through a falsity of authority
Through erasing an heredity
Through implementing a facade of superiority
Through violence, intimidation, and brutality
Through economic and social disparity
Through propaganda's perspective of reality

We are all one according to the one that created us all
Different colors, races, gender or spirituals 
should not mean stepping on those so you can stand tall

Rights of humans should not be left up to beings that have the agenda of their own at heart
Rights of humans were established before time could start

So when you don't allow that child get a fair and equal education
And you don't excuse that lady to enjoy her relaxation
And you don't let that kid shop without extreme observation
And you don't acknowledge gender equalization 
And you don't suppress egregious taxation, increasing inflation
And you don't believe all people should be able to enjoy life's elations

Don't be surprised when the desecrated devise incessant infiltrations and retaliations 
to expose the detriment and despair from the divisions you have created

Don't be surprised when relegated resist and protest the constant persistence 
of placement of people of innocence, under arrest

Don't be surprised when the subjugated smash secular 
and systematically synthesized systems that stringently strangle their serenity

Because the essence of freedom, justice, liberty, 
and life are the fruit that feeds our souls nourish are nation under God.

One Nation by Samadhi

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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