Jungo (Pseudonym) has been provoking readerís hearts and thoughts since he discover how much power the pen can have in this world. His mission is to rebuild the purpose of human life with emphasis on the relationship between soul and universe, the ignorance of humanís ego and healing open wounds. His background, conceived throughout diverse experiences, has given him the platform to approach many topics such as spirituality, love, relationship, hate, death, etc. His writing knows no boundary with oftentimes guided by a higher power. In addition, Jungo enjoys interacting with people looking to find meaning in their own lives.

Apart from writing Jungo is a father and husband. His family is the reason for his devotion to his mission in life. Heís a sports fanatic and recreational athlete who loves to compete. He is a self-taught web developer in HTML/ CSS Ė currently learning PHP.

You can contact Jungo via e-mail at jungowrites42@outlook.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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