Can't Breathe

by Jungo

A simple request echoes 
from his lungs.
He pleaded for a simple breath;
only to be ignored
by the ignorance
of egotistical mercenaries
bonded by blue blood;
whose oath is to protect
the agenda of cowards
behind the walls
of their wallets.
He pleaded for a simple breath
as men design one python
looking to display strength
among a pray
concern over freedom -
he just wanted to be left alone -
but like a bully
never satisfied
until his victim's soul
is beneath
his own throne...
they must destroy peace
to feed credibility
on the street.
Dear officers,
he pleaded for a simple breath
yet rage made you deaf;
with each squeeze
he pleaded;
the more rage,
the more hate
watered the seed in every man.
Cain executing Abel
plays upon our eyes.
Stone age mindset
all that have been learned.
Modern day lynching
has resurfaced
in forms of choke holds,
and bullets
as whips
to a man's flesh.
From ashes
Rome rises.
Obtaining a disguise;
Hebrews begin dying
while Moses seats behind golden veils
portraying to free his people
when, in fact,
he is freeing
his own suffering of poverty.
His last breath
breaks the hearts of lost souls.
His death 
symbolizes emotions suppressed.
His outcry
is that of our own.
Dear officers,
no longer can we breathe
our breaths
are shackled against
property lines
engraved upon the Divine's terrain
by Lucifer's daemon spawns
manipulating the appearance
of fallen angels
to the walking dead
...decaying through time -
our flesh melts
from our bones.
Our lungs 
gasps for air - 
like a drowning victim
forced to his own death.
Fellow officers,
you are exterminating
the reflection of you;
not for sport,
but because of their fears;
fear that we see our Godliness
as they can only settle 
for the beast's mark
stamped on their faces;
hence the hoods over their heads.
you suppressed our true selves
In hopes, 
loneliness keeps from visiting
for a century times infinity.
Life educations
molded a monster
without conscious thoughts,
for the creators of you
could not stomach 
the union of us
fearing their only kingdom
will be lost.

Can't Breathe by Jungo

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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