The Commitment Of The New Millennium

by Realityis

Oh, yes look at me Iím happy donít you see, Iím married
My lovely better half resides with me and we have two kids that she carried
Sure there was that time that I was cheated on, but I did the same
You have to be of this age to know how to deal with those silly games

Silly games thatís all they were, and now we are back together and in love
They say a relationship like ours can only come from heaven above
I know we were apart for about a year and a half
But you have got to leave that old stuff alone and forget about the past

Forget about the past and all of those unfortunate events
Like the teeny tiny things that you just couldnít prevent
Didnít mean to get my extra girl pregnant, at first I thought she was just fakiní
She knew what she had to do; she knew all along that I was taken

Sent the money Western Union so she can get it done quick
It was just a minor error, nothing technology couldnít fix
Once that was over everything started happening right on time!
My wife left her man and said she was ready to be mine

I love her and the kids to death and glad sheís back in my life again
That other girl, well she was just you know, a friend
Something to do while I was waiting on my heart to return
You know I had to do something to satisfy my yearn

I knew she would come right back, we canít be away from each other for long
All I had to do was remind her of our favorite song
Oh I am so happy and proud you should see us together
We look great holding hands and everyday seems like perfect weather

We have stopped pretending and slapped our wedding bands back on
Who are you to say that we are right or wrong?
Donít worry about the guy she was seeing or the girl who was with me
What matters is that we are the perfect couple, canít you see.

Look at how happy we are, this is not a faÁade
We went to the alter and had this union blessed by God
Look at us we are just as committed as committed can be
Canít you see the perfect picture we have created for society?

The Commitment Of The New Millennium by Realityis

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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