On Michelle's Behalf

by Stephanie Yarbrough-Quinn

Is there something in your eyes that keeps your mind obscured? 
Has your hope spun into dust, is it my intentions you didnít seem to trust?  
What a ferocious appetite as you splurge on borrowed time just to vilify and mock me.  
Iím a bit confused with the logic that you try use, 
it somewhat controversial as well a grave absurdity.  
It seems your freedom of speech is now your new-found freedom of religion 
as you are constantly compelled to crucify me daily.  
And now, we sit side by side, two grieving hearts forced in the company chaos; 
but, only one of us is found to be at fault.  
It would be easy to recant your opposing views; 
but, it is with my deepest sincerity, that you would control your predominant attitude.  
I canít understand for the life of me how you can say insolence, 
that people immersed with melanin live with a deficiency and lack certain amount of resolve. 
Yet, when my beloved husband and I dispel that archaic stereotype, 
that old primitive fabrication, now youíve become far too infuriated.  
Your pathetic effort, your cold heartedness did not profit your gullible soul 
nor did it profit your selfish conspiracy to dethrone my humanity.  
Why, why, why, I cannot make sense of your overwhelming preoccupation, 
is loathing what you do for a living or are you living only to despise me; 
and, if that be the case, I can perceive why my presence extremely vexes your apprehensions. 
 I did, attain the American Dream as well as engrave my mark in the universe as a lady of decorum and grace, 
the Constellation Orion is my witness. 
You on the other hand need to grasp that the world does not evolve around you, 
the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, 
so in essence, cast your grievances to the heavens 
or maybe send a letter of regrets to inform hades.  
Yet, in all due respect, the next to time you decide 
to get something off your chest do not refer to me, 
your former First Lady as anything other than what I am.  
Choose your words wisely or you should prepare to take cover and go into hiding, 
because the wrath of the world is waiting for you right behind me. 
Yet, I must admit, the most compelling evidence, 
something so profound that I merely over-looked, is that out of all of this, 
I completed my mission, to impede all Americans from overindulging, 
in chewing the fat with toxic and unhealthy selections.
Because the truth of the matter is, ďwe are, what we have to eatĒ. 

On Michelle's Behalf by Stephanie Yarbrough-Quinn

© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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