Uncontrollable La La

by Nane Quartay

A slave to inner darkness
Rising glorious to a dark sun
A hurting thing of substance, no less
With the force of a shadowy magnum

Incomplete in the growth of vision
Actions of unintentional words
As I puff uncontrollable La La
And a mockingbird drops a few verbs

'Here they come, you fool
In an assortment of colors
Misled by the mantra
You're not like the others'.

'If I could capture your, bird
You wouldn't talk this thing'.
'If you don't escape, Black man
From this tree you will swing'.

Now I know I was high
This was some strong yahoo
I said 'racism doesn't exist
I'm an American true'.

I heard the mockingbird sigh
'I guess I gotta lay it all out
For some Black folks
What the world is about.

With a textbook sense
You can still be dense
Catch 41 bullets
Stars and strips on your fence.

A rope around your ankle
As you're dragged down the street
A redneck swigs a beer 
'Cause his day is complete.

Sodomized with a broomstick
And as its shoved in your mouth
You pause to reflect
This only happens down south.

Now, I'm a bird
And I fly free
But I ain't no fool
They still shoot at me.

I guess you're blunted to reality
Your skin gives you away
The gnashing of teeth
In a dark hallway.'

As the mockingbird took flight
He chirped 'here they come'
I puffed strong on my spliff
And said, 'Let 'em, bring it on!'

'Cause I'm a slave to inner darkness
And I'm unable to run
I'll fight them tooth and nail
Use my mind as the gun.

My soul will be the trigger
My spirit supplies the ammo
I'm an independent nigga
No line for me to toe.

I watched the little bird
As he faded from view
Felt pangs inside and wished 
That I could fly away too.

But I'm grounded, stuck
Earthbound without a wing
Uncontrollable La La
Without a soul to sing.

Uncontrollable La La by Nane Quartay

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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