Temperature's Innocence

by Nane Quartay

Vapors of childhood evaporate 
In a miasma of sweat, blood and tears.
Situations, situational

Stealing nature's blessing from somebody's cherry tree
Romancing grapes off the vine
Robbing the apples from the yard's eye.

With hope.

But then,
The product wasn't dope

Blind to the age of innocence
No sight for the land of the free
School chants sang on the playground
For the cute girl who smiled at me

Nane and Lisa sittin in the tree
First comes love 
Then comes marriage
Cold, cold world 
With your fate in a carriage

But, I'll still have her
Cause I can't have her.
Yeah, I can 'have her'
Waitaminit! Here comes a purr. 

What I do now ...
I do alone.
Alone in my aching stretch
Of meat straining for the frying 
Pan of cayenne pepper fish of 
Filet of soul food of loose
Coming loose like cannon shots 
Of hot steaming licorice licks
Licks for your mind. Licks for your mind.
Lick licks for your mind. 

I felt the breeze from that journey. 
A trek that ends with her
I feel all kinds of purpose.
Cause I know um gon' make her purr. 

My intentions were for the attic
So, of course, we did it downstairs
Under a pile of dirty clothes
I dug a little hole for air

Now, I really thought I was ready
An eight year old,  totin mad clout
I was three inches into her pleasure
Sugar walls sucked my temperature out

My temperature is my life.
My oooch! and my owww!
My swagger of Blackness
My thing that goes 'pow'

I lost it all in that moment
Saw her perfect, chocolate, dark skin
She said, 'I gotcha now nigga.
I pulled all your temperature in'.

I smiled and smiled -- I was with her!
Sunlight streamed thru the clothes off my back
At that perfect moment, just when she purred
I looked up, and her mother attacked. 

She whooped my ass
She said it was for the sass
My mother whooped my ass
For getting caught at the pass

Didn't matter much to me though 
As the grownups waxed and taxed my butt
It was the loss of temperature's innocence
I was Adam and I bust the first ______.

Temperature's Innocence by Nane Quartay

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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