Equilibrium Point

by Nane Quartay

She stood outside of his door wearing a form fitting jumpsuit – and his heartbeat raced with lust at the sight of her. She posed seductively for him when she knew that he was watching her through the peephole. The sunlight streamed down behind her, framing her curvaceous body with just enough light for his eyes to caress the firmness that would soon be his to touch and taste and savor. Wire smiled at his memories.

They could only meet for their 'sessions' in the daytime because Wire worked the second shift as a manager for an Internet Service Provider; a title that left his life hectic and lonely, looking for love, passion and love between the spaces; while she worked the normal nine to five but they had finally found that perfect time to feed the hunger that ravished them both. High noon... lunchtime for her and the perfect prelude to a blissfully exhausted sleep for him.

She was crazy… this girl. Crazy with the heat. But Wire found that her insanity lit his fire, gave his physicality a warmth that always promised satisfaction. Most people would find it strange, maybe even freakish, that two people could be so intimate and yet still not know each other's names. Their sex was anonymous and deep and Wire found a certain joy in the intimate freedom their encounters provided. He watched her every movement for a moment before he opened the door and greeted her with a smile. She sauntered, sexily past him, her hips enticing him with a hypnotic sway as he closed the door behind her. The blue jumpsuit hugged every curve of her body and when she turned to face him Wire resisted the urge to reach out and touch her. Her lips were painted a dark shade of brown that highlighted her burnished, cocoa skin and contrasted the whiteness of her straight, even teeth. She spoke with a seductive lisp… each word heavy with meaning … she turned him on.

"You know… today," she reached for the zipper at the throat of her jumpsuit. "Today, I want to do a fantasy thing." His pulse jumped. Her fantasies were always full of promise. When he first met her she had craved to fulfill her voyeuristic desires; so they had mated heatedly on a grassy hillside in the broad daylight. Every muscle in his body had tightened as he moved inside of her warmth, as her sex gripped him, squeezed him and milked him until he had no choice but to release his orgasm in a rhythmic syncopation. Her ragged breathing in his ear had been his confirmation.

Wire stepped toward her and halted her zipper's progress. She was moving too fast and he felt a little leisurely. He trailed his finger along her throat.

"Fantasy can be a dangerous thing, you know."

"I know," she moved closer to him. "That's why you can't fulfill mine. I just want you to be in it. You and me in my 'sex me' fantasy."

The heat of their nearness pulsed magnetically; he felt his blood respond in a heated rush.

"Um game!" Wire's voice came from deep within. "Damn, um game!"

"I haven't even told you what I want yet."

"And?" Wire replied. He was hungry.

"You want me?" she pouted.

"I want you."

She took Wire by the hand and led him to the bedroom. He sat on the bed and reached for her but she stepped back and teased him.

"I want you to sex me slow," she began unzipping. "No matter what."

"Slow?" Wire took his shirt off. "No matter what? But that means that you can't go fast either though, aight!"

"No," she stepped out of the jumpsuit and stood naked before his hungry stare.

"I want it slow… no matter what."

Wire quickly shed his pants. Muted sunlight glittered through the curtains behind her and she glowed, her skin taking on a radiance that stunned him.

"You know you give me way too much credit," he pulled her to him and put his tongue deep in her belly button. "What makes you think that I can withstand the sex pressure for such a long, slow time? Obviously, women just don't know how good the cooty cat is. That's some powerful stuff you got there. Let's say you move that cat a little bit to the left… and I do mean a little! Like a millionth of a centimeter to the left… and then that cooty cat starts to roarin'! It's all over but the shoutin', girl! And I'm like… 'give me a cigarette and let's see what's on cable'. Slow?" he repeated.

"Slow, baby," she purred and pushed his head further down her body. Wire felt her leg tremble when his tongue touched her clit. He flicked his tongue out again.

"Oooh, Wire," she gripped his bald head. "Right there. Yeah. Right there," her breathing was ragged. "I've got a part two that I want you to do too."

Wire licked his response.

"Yeah, Wire, shit," she wiggled. "Yeah. I want you to say some poetry while you're inside of me, okay?"

"Po-try," Wire mumbled.

"I think that shit would be hot," she gasped.

Wire looked up at her. "Poetry?"

"Yeah. Some sexy, romantic, hot, nasty… poetry! And I know that you know some," she added.

"Can I borrow some from somebody?" Wire went back to eating, his decision already made. He traced his tongue up one of her walls and softly down the other side. He knew what she liked and how she liked it… and he got great satisfaction from all of her reactions.

"Yes," she moaned her reply.

"Ummm," Wire kissed her lips. "Girl, this is just sooo much fun!"

"Wire?" her voice was urgent.

"Okay." He paused to lick her slowly. "Let's see. You know… when we kiss, we kiss not with our lips…" He tasted her again. "But with our souls."

He felt her clit twinge… her lips tighten. She was getting into it. He left her center for a minute to trail his tongue down her thigh. He moved up to concentrate on the area where her cleanly shaven mound and thigh met; a neglected crease that begged for his attention. Wire felt pleasant intimacy whenever he lay there between her thighs at the crease; he French kissed it before he felt her fingers on the top of his head, guiding him back to the middle. Wire dipped his head and did an end run around the bottom and then up through her middle, slurping all of her juices, her nectar, lapping at her as she wiggled on the tip of his tongue. He glanced over at his bedside clock and was reminded that they didn't have much time. Twenty, thirty minutes max.

An idea hit him in a flash and Wire leaned back on the bed. She looked down at his body and saw that he was as ready as ever. She smiled with the power that her sensuality had over him. She moved up onto the bed and mounted him slowly. Inch by inch her warm friction enveloped him, her lips pulled at him, spreading her wetness, inviting his hardness into her firm pleasure. By the time their thighs touched and she settled down before tossing her head back, Wire had gained some semblance of control over the heat that smoldered beneath his skin and he began his part of the fantasy.

He reached for her hips and molded his fingers into the firm flesh. It was round and perfect, a gift from above to the Black woman. Often imitated, Wire touched her gently, but never duplicated. He took a deep breath and pushed into her, trying to establish a slow rhythm, a beat that he could handle, and she came down and met him in the middle for a silky, warm clash of the sexes. He felt himself surrounded. Their eyes locked.

"Remember that night," Wire began. "It was way back. That night we got connected. Thirty spirits were affected."

She started a slow, hard grind as Wire recited his poetry to her. His breath caught before he continued.

"We touched. In waves of heat. And oceans deep. You the topside. Running hot and sweet."

Wire struggled, trying to maintain a slow beat, a controllable rhythm as she moved on top of him but his hardness was knocking on urgencies door. Hard!

"Accentuated by her love juice. Dancing a mad tango. Amongst my taste buds."

She pushed her sex down deeply and held it there pulsating, rubbing, back and forth, holding it, and then moving every which-a-way. And it was so good! For a second Wire almost lost it but in that instant, that moment of doubt, he felt his control return. He opened his eyes. He wasn't ready for it to be over yet. He kept his rhythm.

"That teases the nectar. From her sensitive nubs."

She moved again, inside, and Wire felt her have one of her 'small ones'. She had once told Wire that she often had more than one type of orgasm- she had big ones and small ones. Wire had said that he was jealous and he didn't know how she could handle the sensory overload. She said that they weren't all big ones, she had small ones too and that sometimes the small ones helped the big ones be better. Wire asked her if the big ones were when she ended up falling out on top of him and call a timeout. She had laughed and said; yes that was a big one. He had told her that he was still jealous.

She was having a small one now. He could feel it inside of her, gripping him with a touch like no other. Her breath came in gasps but it's closeness, somehow, soothed him.

"Something nasty," she requested as her hips gathered speed.

Wire kept his beat.

"See, you touch my physical. At night. We lay and we breathe."

"Something nasty!" She balanced with her hands on his chest.

Wire kept his beat.

"You feel my heartbeat and quiver. Skin to skin. That burns with need."

Her hips were demanding. If he talked dirty to her, he knew that the sex would be over. It was one of his weaknesses. Wire kept his beat.

She found a different rhythm and groaned with the effort. "Something real nasty!"

Wire sat straight up with her on his lap. He held her waist with both hands and stood up with her, never letting their sexual connection be broken. Wire knew that she loved to sex while standing up and he couldn't say that he had any complaints either. It made him feel strong to be able to hold her so that she had no pressure and could move whatever way she wanted. He liked to watch her writhe; it was so visually stimulating that he sometimes lost himself in the sight. She quickly laced her hands around his neck and found an uncontrollable speed that signaled Wire to hold on… she was getting ready to have the big one. She was rocking Wire now… and he was loving it. All he had to do was hold on and let her move freely… but suddenly she put one serious 'huck' in her buck and Wire had to reach out and balance himself against the window to keep from falling. The curtain pushed apart between his hands and suddenly Wire was looking right to the curved sidewalk that ran along the side of his house.

She was oblivious to the light that streamed through the window; her lips were sucking noisily on Wire's neck… another sensitive spot. He grunted in response. Then she leaned back and fastened onto one of his nipples. The sensation sent a sharp current straight to his hardness and he felt himself grow larger. He raised his head and looked out the window.

Someone was watching.

She stood no more than ten feet away, a curious expression on her face. Their eyes locked. And in that second there was silent agreement. She walked right up to the window and put her hand up to where Wire's was, their fingers separated only by the glass. She never took her eyes from his.

Wire's body suddenly got hot and he felt his control slipping. She was really reaching the peak of her moistness, bucking wildly, gripping and grinding him. She moved up and down in the throes of 'going for hers' when suddenly… the cooty cat roared. Wire looked through the glass into the woman's eyes as he released his orgasm inside of her. Her muscles gripped him so softly yet so firmly that he felt explosive, like a geyser spraying raw nerve endings with pleasure. He felt her sex squeezing in time with the staccato beating of her heart as she clutched him against her.

The woman outside the window turned and walked away.

Wire's legs gave out and he fell across the bed, spent, with her on top of him.

When their breathing returned to normal, she glanced over at his clock.

"I have to get back to work." She got dressed.

She turned to him before she walked out the door. "Next time! Something nasty."


Equilibrium Point by Nane Quartay

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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