The 28th Day

by Nane Quartay

Its not that sex is
All I think about.
Its all I think about

Remember that night?
It was way back...
That night we got connected
Twenty spirits were affected.
Our physicalities contradicted 
The confines of desire.
And touched.

In waves of heat
And oceans deep
You the topside
Running hot and sweet
Yet steadily containing 
Me. The undercurrent.
Hot water running on
The border of release.
But holding.
'Cause we ain't shit 
If we ain't steady right?
Here comes some more
'Cause you ain't ready, right?

Its not that sex
Is all I think about.
It is all I think about.

You touched a one spot
In effect one was two
From lukewarm to hot
I was sippin' from your brew

I saw a little fire blaze 
And fanned it with my eyes.
The promise of a well spent haze
Unearth! My sweet surprise!

I tremble for that 
Wiggle you do.
Giggle you do.
And twiggle you do

I answered her whispering flame.
I love me a femme fatale.
She turned and gently kissed me my name
Her command greatly tested my style.

It usually happened on the 28th day
And I tried to stay out of the way
But to laugh was too much to say
When she threw 'lefts' and 'rights' at day
Caught my ribs... I said 'don't play'
She said, 'then ain't no more humor today
Or on the floor someone will lay'.
I looked at her and smiled, 'okay, okay'.

That woman has my heart!
So I went right to the start.
'What do my sugarscoop drop,
Superscoop, dumplin' drop want?
'You stupid' she replied.
She said it sexy though.
'Go down to the store
And buy me some tampons.'

Its not that sex
is all I think about.
Its all!
I think about you!

Whenever we were disputed
Whenever we were friends
We had nature's inner sanctum
And we held it between our hands

You rubbed my back the one day
I hugged your neck the next
The 'Cool Out Breed' would laugh and say
Yo! That kid is vexed.

No, I was simply unbound.
Uncovered with her.
In a chair. In a house.
In a smile and affection.
Rocking gently.
Spoony style.
To sleep.
At least
Thats what thet call sleep
We can go deep
If she wants to...

Its not that sex 
Is all I think about.
Its all I think about

The 28th Day by Nane Quartay

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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