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Jacqueline E. Price is a Poetic story teller residing in Baltimore. As a writer who writes from emotions she says "sometimes my emotions lead me to a place that is not mine. I have been told I have the gift of writing other people emotions as well. This was what I like to call an out-of-body experience."

Ms. Price has been writing poetry since age 6. She says "What started as a way for me to vent to God about how angry I was at him for the life that he had given to me turned into this gift I now embrace today. Funny how God can turn things around for the good." She has recently published her first book title Reflections The View From My Window. It is a self published work. Ms. Price says "I like to refer to it as hand written. You see I had to do it all alone with no exsperience and no help and a very small budget. I give new meaning to the phrase starving artist. One can say I mean it literally. I recently felt like stopping the book but change my mind and decided to look at it as a fingerprint. The book is full of true heart felt emotions. If asked what is my style as a Writer I have to answer that I am a Poetic story teller. I have been ispired by Poets such as Gill Scott Heron, Gwedolyn Brooks, and the wonderful speeches of some of our greatest leaders such as Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and then some. I love to read and have been inspired by some of todays Greats such as High Priestest Of Poetry Abena Disroe, Prodigalson, and many others."

You can contact Ms. Price via e-mail at Malyonjays@aol.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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