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Holding the vision of a new world order, a renewal and transformation of the minds of the African peoples and humanity as a whole, Victor Abbey Sackey (THE PEACOCK OF FIRE) wishes to ignite a flame of change burning in the hearts and minds of all who may read his literary works. A Ghanaian by birth and nationality, Victor is a 25-year-old aspiring Pan-African writer and poet who has been writing privately since 1994 but is now availing himself of the needed exposure. Although Victor has a flair for writing, he is currently pursuing his studies in Information Technology, wishing to complete his training in the I.T. field, after which he would concentrate on perfecting his artistic abilities. VASWOA Productions, which is his brainchild, stands for Victor Abbey Sackey Work(s) Of Art, which is to become a company for the development of poetic, dramatic, and musical talents of peoples across races that would be geared towards the promotion of public concerts and shows in order to raise funds for charitable projects across the world.

With a motto as "Burning the World", THE PEACOCK OF FIRE under VASWOA Productions wishes to spark a burning change (FIRE) in the attitude and thinking of some portions of society, unifying them under a banner of multiracial love and understanding (COLORS OF PEACOCK).

In order for these ideals to materialize during our generation or even in the next, a full understanding of these aspirations needs to be met in one way or the other. One starting point is for you dear reader to visit the VASWOA web site at...

You can contact Mr. Sackey via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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