Paula M. Patton-Ross

Paula Marguerite Patton-Ross (b. 1955) is a new ‘poetic engineer’ emerging onto the literary scene with her latest child of passion “Tell Me Where The Trees Find Shelter?”. The author was born in Elizabeth New Jersey. Having been environed and socialized by the ‘vietnam war’, and the struggles for “black equality” her conclusion “love is under-emphasized” has been the rationale for her picking up pen and paper. Her writings are empathetic “spirit identifies with spirit” with deliberative words she makes plain her emotions, equalizing and linking them to those of her readers, a connecting- the -dots for the nature in all of us that internalizes.

Married to her husband of 32 years and mother of six (which she refers to as 4 rivers and 2 streams) she lives a quiet life on a ranch in Tonopah Arizona. “I can see the stars now… and they tell me of…things.”

You can contact Ms. Patton-Ross via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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Tell Me Where the Trees Find Shelter?
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