Where Will I Be Without You?

by Padmore Agbemabiese

Yesterday and today are both present in tomorrow
And should tomorrow start without me
Or should the sun rise and Iím no longer by your side
Will I find your eyes filled with tears 
As life without you is like a starless night

I know you love me much as I love you
But when tomorrow starts without me
Or you are told an angel came and took my hand
That my place was ready in heaven far above
Will me without you be like a colorless rainbow

For all my life youíve always been on my mind
And I had so much to live for in your heart
It seems almost impossible I could live without you.
So when I think of today and what tomorrow will bring  
Where will I be without you if not a beach without a sand

Iíve always thought of the love we shared,
And if I could live just for a while
My only treasured possession is your smile
Which I want to take with me wherever Iíll be
But I realized nothing did I bring nor will take away

The emptiness and memories of me would bring tears
And the silence will blossom like tumors on lips
When you think you heard my footsteps on the stairs
So when tomorrow starts without me by your side
Let your smiles see me at home beyond heavenís gates

Where Will I Be Without You? by Padmore Agbemabiese

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