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Dr. Padmore Agbemabiese is an award winning Ghanaian scholar, author, poet, playwright, actor and photojournalist. He received the Ph.D degree in English, Education, & African American and African Studies from The Ohio State University. He also holds Masters degrees in African American Literature and African Studies from The Ohio State University and the University of Ghana.

Dr. Agbemabiese teaches English Composition and African American Literature at The Ohio State University. He has to his credit four books published in Ghana and were adopted by the Ministry of Education for use in schools and in non-formal educational programs in Ghana. His poems have been published in various anthologies and Internet web sites. His poems have always stunned crowds with the rhythmic intensity of traditional imageries-a folkloric blend. Padmore is currently working on several notable projects including: "Anlo-Ewe Praise Names and the Poetic Imagery," and "Anlo-Ewe Proverbs as Principles of Argumentative and Persuasive Discourse." The manuscript, "Folklore and the Black-American Culture: A Study of Tayo and Milkman in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon" is soon to come out.

You can contact Dr. Agbemabiese via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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