The First Hello: What She Wants

by Omavi

What she wants
A strong man
A provider
A man you will give her what she need
And find her what she wants
A man of intelligence
Honesty is a must 
A man who takes the stars into his hand
And delivers them to her door
A man of ultimate means
Her every wish is his command
A man who walks
With his head up high
A man who she is proud
To have as her man
A man who talks to her 
And listens to her voice
A man who will comfort her
A gentleman is her choice
He opens doors wide for her
Pulls out her seat when she sits
A man who would use the shirt on his back
To keep dry her feet
A man full of passion
A man who knows what to do 
And when the lights go out at night
A man who keeps her in the mood
A man who knows her body 
And understands her soul
A man who’s every touch can bring
Tremors to her whole
A man who is very sensitive
And knows when she is in pain
A man who knows to hold her 
And shield her from the rain
A man who will stand by her 
And support
A man who knows deep in his heart
To let her play her part
A man who views her strengths
As equal to his own
A man joins with her 
And together 
They build their home
A man


From “Da Poet:  Mr. Chaotic Speaks”

The First Hello: What She Wants by Omavi

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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