Return To Black

by Omavi

Lets talk about 
The very essence of this life
The very bare bones quality
Of what we have become
The letters of the millennium
The sweet song of eternity
We have come 
And no one can hold us back
We bring the very sun in the morning
It’s our moon that brightened the night
Yet they don’t know it
They try to deny the fact
We have come
From nowhere to somewhere  
From darkness to light 
From the highest to the lowest
And we climb back to the highest again 
Kings once defeated
A king once again 
Chained in the never time
Free in the forever
The master has been humbled
His true colors will show
The chained one has broken 
And our greatness has shone
Don’t ignore the beginning
Of this greatest wave
And as we pass by them
The envy they gain
They hate us
With a passion
They spit fire on our name
Bu I know we will rise
Like the phoenix again
With bright lights
Explosion galore
The black in the open 
New dynasties will form
We gave them the start
And the future we hold
A Nubian fantasy
All will behold

From “Da Poet:  Mr. Chaotic Speaks”

Return To Black by Omavi

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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