Ode To Da Rhyme Thief

by Omavi

Do you know me? 
I don't think you do
Kick up your heels let me preach to you
The storm never ends till I whisper a word
The word deals true death, maybe rebirth
Rebirth of the energy, life to untold
Untold stories come from me, this is my world
My world that you step in and gaze with blinds eyes
Blind eyes I will open set free your dark psyche
Your psyche I will conquer and make it all mine
All mine are the visions your soul hopes to fine
To find this great glory, this miraculous phase 
This phase of reality, all up in your face
Your face twists and turn, hurt by the force
The force I come in with, yea I tuned you out
Out like a hooker, meeting the amazing dick
This dick will just stroke your senses
Your senses they fail
You fail to get near me, burn in this hell
Hell of unknowns, for the heavens you reach 
Your heavens are mine, bow to your king
The king of your mind, you're not fit to use
You use it and try, but you only abuse
Abuse the great powers my words bring to you
You try to corrupt the verse
The verse does you in
In this dense jungle filled with your fears
Don't fear me, you are beneath me
Why do I waste my breath?

So I will just mention the horror you see
Now run and hide 
You bore me 
I ended you

Ode To Da Rhyme Thief by Omavi

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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