“How to Listen to …”

by Omavi

Stretch your mind until
You can’t just sense but feel it
So deeply that your internal organs
Develop molecular vibrations in
Sync with the very fabric of reality
Open all pores
Until the taste of the cosmos
Feeds your soul until you feel
Bloated not like a full meal but
Like the fullness of tantric serenity
See the reverberations as they play
The air like the cherub creating a perfect heaven
From the imperfect harp’s strings
Until not only do ears feast
But body constantly orgasms from it
“For today’sprompt, write an instructional poem. 
Your instructional poem could listinstructions. 
Or it could capture an instructional moment.”
“Breathe these words,they give life …” [Monday, April 08,2013]

“How to Listen to …” by Omavi

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