"… of One Every Night, Sigh."

by Omavi

I will never lie about losing my love for you 
We played so much that It became a game 
A ploy to one up the other 
A telltale sign of relationship dying 
The sun wept as we were lying 
We were playing a broken house  
With no roof to stop the rain from falling in 
Little children playing an adult game 
Misguided truths have the way of  
Ringing true while the mind wants to believe 
We used love as the stepping stone 
To the many fallacies the souls trusts 
The many heartbreaks the heart needs 
To feel need but running away from wanted 
Because the wanted so more needed 
The lust becomes the ultimate thing 
The touch overcomes everything 
And the soul dies slowly  
still remembering everything 
Everything touch written  
Everything a scripted scene 
Love was not real just a description 
That made everything seem like a scene 
Serene elevator music  
breaking hearts and scorching words said 
Orgasm the only thing speaking truth 
You don’t love me really 
And I don’t love you 
We just play house and make imaginary babies 
Because we have nothing  
Better to do 
It's time for the truth 
“Breathe these words,they give life …” 

"… of One Every Night, Sigh." by Omavi

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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