Da Playa: The Escape

by Omavi

Baby I have a meeting, with the people in the streets
I have to go, I cannot linger 
The calling pulls me in 
I want to stay and hold you, sprinkle love into your life
My pager beeps, me cell phone rings
No baby, I canít spend the night.
How can you say I donít care, I worship you like gold
Platinum you are, my shooting star
My heaven and my earth
I donít want to go baby
In your arms I want to chill
To feel your warmth, your gentle touch
Your kisses give me sweet chills
I know this always happens
Our moment is always made to wait
You know I want you, cant do without you

(Damn I wish she would chill)

Nothing, oh nothing baby, just screaming at my self
How silly I am, to leave your sweet charms
I will make it up you, I will
Iíll call you in the morning, just to hear your voice
At noon Iíll dream, our fantasies revealed
Baby, you are always in my thoughts
So kiss me lightly baby 
You taste I will have for all time
I will lick my lips, and think how sweet
This woman, the center of my life
Donít pout or cry sweet lady
You know I will return
When the full moon rises and the darkness falls
I will be in your embrace once again my love
So I leave you now sweet lady, my heart is yours to keep
I will return, your man, your world
My promise to you my sweet

From ďCan You Feel Me Flow?Ē

Da Playa: The Escape by Omavi

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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