Dear _____,

by Omavi

Dear ________, 
Its been a while since we last spoke and many days have past 
Nights have come and gone and relationships ground to dust 
Many moons have risen and dances danced as rain falls fast 
Many sunrises with out am warm embrace  
As I still look to the future and dream about what was once 
So many words unspoken and promises broken  
And maybe to speakers should have never bitten tongues 
The air should have been filled with voices 
As hearts work to create a right from all those wrongs 
Doors should have been left cracked open 
Because even the should every once in a while can get it wrong 
Blame should not have been doles out so freely 
While solutions were locked behind walls so strong 
Even anger should have been given the stage to play 
Disgust at actions done according a day of reason 
But we just walk away as vision of greener pastures prevailed 
I'm not sure if a spark you still carry deep inside today 
My mind still wonders what would have been 
If not for all the childish games breaking hearts decide to play 
Love "O"

Dear _____, by Omavi

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