The First Hello: What He Wants

by Omavi

What he wants 
A woman with the bearing
Like a queen she enters his realm 
A woman who loves him
And forever wants to be held
A woman with intelligence
Her mind so deep and thoughtful
A woman who will back him
As he battles with this world
A sexy goddess with beauty
That makes the heavens look
When she walks 
Among the world
Every has to look
A woman who has conviction
A woman with a goal
She knows what she wants
And with him
They will rule their world
A lady in the daytime
She exudes class and style
But in the night
When the moon does rise
His fantasies
Are what she has
A mother for his children
She raises true and strong
A wife, a lover 
An equal partner 
That’s all he ever asks
He wants her told hold him
And tell him its alright
But when he slips and loses his step
He wants her to find him his path
A woman who is a woman
Leave the schoolgirls back in school
A natural beauty 
And affectionate heart
The sunshine in his dawn
A woman there for him
The strength he needs to live
The calm in his storm
Her tranquility he needs

From “Da Poet:  Mr. Chaotic Speaks”

The First Hello: What He Wants by Omavi

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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