"Juneteenth" is a Special Day

by Omarr Lee

For just about 29 states in America, Juneteenth (also known as Emancipation or Freedom Day) is an official holiday that is celebrated annually. On June 19, 1865, upon arriving in Galveston, TX, Union soldiers announced that the Civil War was over and all slaves were now free. Every African American should honor and appreciate this holiday because it marks the ending of a horrifying time for African Americans in the US. For all African Americanís who reside in the US, Juneteenth is one of the oldest known holidays, but it also one of the most celebrated holidays.

Juneteenth was first observed as a holiday in 1865, and for some states, it has been a holiday celebrated since then. It is a day to reflect on the trials and tribulations our ancestors experienced for us to have freedom. It is a day where you must remember that things were not always this easy. In other words, life was not always this simple.

Nowadays, African Americans can travel where they want to travel. They can eat what they desire to eat, or they can touch what they desire to touch. In any case, you must always keep in mind that life was not always this trouble-free for African Americans. Our ancestors had to fight for justice and liberty in America.

Juneteenth can be looked upon as a special holiday for a variety of reasons. A lot of African Americanís, who are poets and painters, try to relate their artwork to this particular holiday. Some artists may try to mirror an image of our ancestors, or they may even try to copy a writing style. Overall, Juneteenth is a noteworthy holiday for every African American and they should be grateful for having such strong-minded and enthusiastic ancestors.

"Juneteenth" is a Special Day by Omarr Lee

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