I...Am A Proud People!

by Karl A. Oglesby

I...am a proud people!

I am the history!

Of a glorious and proud people

A legacy of kindred souls

Spanning the entire history of man!

I was here at the creation humanity...

I was here when mankind first confirmed

the will to survive as family.

I am the birthplace and cradle

of great civilizations

and cultural heritage’s unsurpassed

by any nation!

I am the learned scholars to whom conquerors

paid homage!

I ruled from a mighty throne as the Nile

gave fertile valleys life.

I am the ancestors whose dignity and pride

Survived the institution of slavery

and the march toward civil rights.

My contributions to many nations

have laid their foundations for greatness!

My blood has stained the ground...

In the name of liberty and freedom!

Not a note had been sung...

That I have not contemplated!

Not a struggle for freedom has been waged...

That I did not inspire!

For I am the history!

Of a glorious and mighty people!

Whose birth heritage and culture

have spanned all time itself...

A great legacy of humanity and freedom

From the birth of man...

Throughout all history itself!

For I am a proud people!

A glorious and mighty people!

I...Am A Proud People! by Karl A. Oglesby

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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