by The Poet Formally Known As Nikki

This is not a poem, just enlightenment that rhymes; I know the end is very near therefore I donít have much time. We all know this world is in shambles, so no need to address that, but we know some things can be fixed so letís dig down and bite the facts.

I see my sisters oh so beautiful, with so much to achieve, just know that life is way more important than hair, nails, and tight a** jeans. If you try living life for your fulfillment; it will boost your self-esteem. My brothers on the hustle all for happiness and wealth, if fooling the system is your answer, then youíre only fooling yourself. Try setting positive goals in life, itís not the easiest, but itíll help. Parents that are struggling, both young and old. Welfare is not always the answer, and TV is not your childís soul. Try your best to be a good parent; your child may soon to play that role.

Lets try to break the stereotypes that label us as blacks, and become more than educated in areas that we may lack. Stop living for the first and the fifteenth, and paychecks back to back. Educate yourselves beyond high school, move away from the roaches and rats. The hood is not our home, thatís just where the media puts us. And what upsets me the most is thatís how we actually accept us! We donít have to be hood rich with cars more than our home, you can hardly pay the car note, will your name be the only thing you rightfully own?

Try being smart with your money, like the ďsmart peopleĒ do. Save it, maybe invest it; you donít need everything that is new. Yeah, you may look wack now, but whoís gonna be outtaí the hood soon. You can take and marinate on what I just told you, or let time pass by. Be alarmed, this is not criticism, just enlightenment that rhymes.

Enlightenment by The Poet Formally Known As Nikki

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