by The Poet Formally Known As Nikki

Can I chill with you? Like two ice cubes tryna' keep it cool. 
Like on a hot summer day in the swimming pool. 
We can chill all day but it's up to you, 
so we don't exactly have to chill, what do you wanna' do? 
Hang out like wet clothes, or sleep all day, 
whatever it is Iím your girl, and Iím here to stay. 
You have proved yourself faithful and worthy of my time, 
love is not an option right now; just as long as you are mines. 
Iíve been through a lot of bullshit, 
so for that Iíve build up an immune system.
My agenda has no time for stupid ass morons, 
and I want nothing to do with them.
So I refuse to become just a friend in public 
and your dojah at night.
And I refuse to become some lame clichť 
like Iím your "Bonnie", and you be my "Clyde".
Because this is us, not TV, or make-believe, 
so how about you be you, and Iíll be me. 
So can I chill with you? 
Keep it real with you, be bored with you, 
get annoyed with you, waste time with you or just ride with you.
I wanna play madden with you, 
watch the game with you, 
and watch a movie too; on the couch lay with you, 
snuggle with you, and get warm with you. 
So can we chill? With so much time to kill, 
like two birds sitting on a window sill. 
Can we chill? Or take a walk, 
last minute like an overdue bill, 
Can we chill?
Can we chill?
Letís chill.

Chill by The Poet Formally Known As Nikki

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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