To Those Who Sing America

by Nicole Lindsey

   America, America

   What America do you sing to?
not the America I live in

Do you sing America because every day
We still fight America
   Do sing America when
You sit in the sun trying to get my color the very color that you
so do despise
   Did you sign America?
When we picked, racked, and plowed
The fields of what is now
   Did they sing America
When they walked the trail of tears
   Did they sing while you sold there
Souls for profit stole, century of culture away
Bashed in the heads of hundreds
of babies with the heal of American boots
   Cause you wanted to save bullets
   rob, plunder, and burn their homes
Did you sing when you raped our women?
Beat our men, or loaded us upon ships
to be used as cattle
   Did we sing?
   God shines his grace on thee
On a selective few
Cause he didn't shine his damm grace
Upon I, Shleeam, Juan, Raquel, Uchie or Ms. Jones
America told us who god is to
be when they conformed our minds
So Jesus is god and Mother Mary is a St.
   Who came to Africa and killed
In the name of God.
Cleanse the savage said America
Who killed the African God?
What happened to
Haile Selassie I, Alaha, Ra,
and other African Gods
   And crown thine hood
With brotherhood
Brotherhood of who?
The brotherhood of the

Fat cat's sitten on top Capital Hill
Embezzling money, wasting taxes
From sea to shining Sea
The only thing I see is our pages missing
in the history books
We fought for this land and died
for this land
received exclusion for our noble acts

Do you still wan to sing America?
                  Do You?

To Those Who Sing America by Nicole Lindsey

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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