by Nicole Lindsey

Afro - American
 I am Not!

I am Not!

Affuuiative Action
I am Not!

   Black American I am and with Imnense pride
   African- American, Afro- American is just another way
of separating black Americans from the rest of America

Afro- American
I am Not!
   I was born in America, Blessed long ago by the sun of Africa,
through the bloodline of many before I, This is how I in I came to be
sun kissed and proud of it.

African- American
I am NOT!
   My great Grand mother was born somewhere
   here in the USA
   My Grandma was with out a doubt born
here in the good old USA
My Mom is a born bread US woman
   And I in I fo sure was born in America
   NOT Africa- America, Not Afiica.
I never required a green card or citizenship test to live here

Affirmative Action
I am NOT!
   I don't need your damm hand outs
   I'm intelligent as the next American
   You prove that every time you claim pride
   to Black America's culture.

   Forced to America by ships and whips
   long, long ago
   I don't deny my skin color
   No! I'm not ashamed of my African roots
   I love being black, there's no denying that

   But I'll say just one more time I'm no Afro-American, Afiican-
   American or Affirmative Action case.
I am...without...a doubt... 100% Black American

AmERIcan? by Nicole Lindsey

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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