The Beast

by Neil G. White

The nature of this beast was unbeknownst to me/
But as time progressed it made its presence known to me/
The purpose of this beast is unsure to me/
But as I get older I see how it continues to be/
An ever morphing cloak and dagger like entity/
So it festers and eventually plants a seed/
In the most fertile and rich soil within its reach/
So its tentacles spread far and wide with the hopes of planting even more seeds/
To procreate and eventually multiply the strength of the beast/
Theyíve been around awhile devouring all that they can seize/
Oh yes! Itís more than one theyíve got a world-wide regime/
Because of those fore-mentioned morphing chameleon like schemes/
And those cloak and dagger type reconnaissance routines/
Elusive tactics developed to continue to exist/
Many a valiant warrior past and present have witnessed this/
Have detected that their movements now are insidious/
Things appear to be what they are not/
Often times not what they appear/
The beast can amuse you/
Move you/
In effect sooth you/
Concurrently as it diffuses you/
Inevitably forsakes you/
For the next host it plans to take through/
A similar ordeal but it will be tailor made to/
Taper to/
That next soul that dares to be great/
So prepare for a long arduous battle with pure hate/
Know your soul was sought after because it was destined to be great/
Your love of life and life of love makes the beast irate/
Couldnít seem to figure out how to permeate/
Your soul fortified by an impervious breastplate/
The beast had no alternative but to unleash a horrific floodgate/
Meant to douse your fiery passions with intent to subjugate/
Elders have spoke of prior conflicts so the conflicts you await/
Many believe that we must slay the beast/
If thatís what Iím doing by just doing me/
Then thatís the course of action in which I will proceed/
But after noteworthy consideration and engagement of the beast/
Its eventual demise is not apparent in the least/
And my battle has deviated me from what I must achieve/
Then after careful cost benefit analysis this is what I believe/
Energy can no longer be expended futilely/
Destroying a beast thatís a part of the construct naturally/
Some might argue it has as much right here as me/
Remember the real battle is internal not externally/
So let the beast be ugly as you shine beautifully.

The Beast by Neil G. White

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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