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Comments: Navasha "ShannaShay" Hinton was born & raised in Houston, Texas. She shares her story, "I have three siblings & out of three my momma called me her chocolate queen. My black is many shades darker than the others including my momma. I knew I was that one child out of the bunch who just didn't fit in. My mother as a little girl will always tell me to write a book. Or, "when you make it put me in your book." I was always so isolated from everyone & everything. It was just me an empty corner & my notebooks. For years I would write everyday & second I could; many scripts, many poems, many books. I had many dreams of moving from Texas to somewhere my writing could be heard and/or make a difference. So right after high school graduation I got a four-week temporary job. I received a $700 check for my hard work, a couple days later I was on Greyhound on my way to LA. Long story short I like to say Houston made me LA raised me the east coast taught me their ways and it pays."

You can contact Ms. Hinton via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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