Untitled Love

by Nashota

Harmoniously humming your bass line
Starting from the stomach 
down to your waist line
You taste minds like fresh wines from grapevines
Tingling spines 
Where mingling minds canít
There conversations rave and rant
As I said it would be
Like I give a fuck 
Or two tarnished cents to hear about all his bullshit materialistics
The mind is everything baby so be realistic 
Within real contexts
Touch minds sensualy, foreplay for mind sex
With an awkward approach and mental scope 
Leaving bodyís too numb to even care 
Laying bare trying to cope
Keep there minds psychologically dependent 
Like street dopes and narcotics
Performing mind erotics 
One look in conversation crowded room 
She knows I got it
Inside those mental closets where hangers hang knowledge garments
That no one can easily wear
The mental obese and ignorant cry in despair
For they canít fit anything inside of there
Streching the fabric
Busting the seams
Making love to you in your dreams
Waking before you cum
Shaking licking out your toungue
To catch a  particle of me 
But Iím not there
Iím in your closet
Your locker of lust
Riffing over your melodies
Remixing your song strong
Your last maintence man was fixing it all wrong
Just not right
I play with your eyes
He touchs your thighs
I drink your tears when you cry
After he hurts you
I work you
Punching the clock
Trying to get promoted
She likes to hold it
I like to let go
Glitter your soul with babies
Without shame
Without great aim
Wash your flesh
Start your car
See you at work tommorrow

Untitled Love by Nashota

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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