Conquer and Burn

by William Nash

Burnt by societal fire to acquire seemingly essentials
In random and sequential order
My battle configurations wings and quarters
War to win
Descending from skies like squirming giants
Sparing casualties casually
Laughing at armored chest that forcefully flex
That won't stop my quest
My lyrical rampage
Seeking mental justice for us!
The mediators, the idea marinators
My war lines cut like equators
Hot until turned cold
Like leaky faucet or drafty closets
I lock down all deposits
And access denied
If you already then tried
Then you know about the ones whom already died
Showing that my mental weaponry and arsonist arsenal kept me alive
As you slept easily thinking you were in fact the victor
But sorry to tell you I tricked ya!
Breaking all sweet dreams
It seems the appearance of the weak has redeemed itself to conquer once more
Tally new scores
Tilting outcomes away from the tactically dumb
Reality makes me numb like coke crumbs
Yet swift like oiled gearshifts
Pivoting in diagonals and 360s quickly
Dressed for occasion
Against societal fires that are blazing
His style salty and faulty
My style amazing
Or just a maze
With blocked entrances and circled routes
Hearing screams like "let me out because I'm claustrophobic"
I weaken them all like aerobics
This if your fate you chose it
Pleading and bleeding
Exclaiming unarmed and unalarmed massacre tactics were enforced
They had rocks and sticks
We had chariots and horse
On course terrain
Blocking the main entrances with hay stack flames
Panicking my enemies in Burning Battle Games
And binding P.O.Ws with rusty chains until extremities obtain gangrene
My next movements strategized by my African Queen
Who loves to fight
Still mad about equal and women's suffrage rights
Holding me close at night
Needle and threading knowledge in my mental hems
Everything I needed to conquer them

Conquer and Burn by William Nash

© Copyright 2001. Excerpted from "Nash's Rhyme Conglomerate Survived Victorious 110" All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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