Winter Hearts

by Nailah Abdus-Salaam

Some hearts are sound
While others are sick,
Some hearts are healthy
While others are tainted by desires and disease,
Some hearts are full of life
While others are dead,
Some hearts are full of light
While others are veiled in darkness,
 Some hearts are pure
While others are stained in sin,
Some love the dunya
 While others love the Aakhirah,
Some hearts  are attached to the creation,
While others are attached to The Creator!!!
Some hearts are like Spring,
While others are like Winter.
Spring hearts are alive, warm, vibrant, fiery,
Charismatic, joyful, full of creativity.
While other hearts have become like winter,
Cold, hard, and barren,
Bleak, bare,  and chilling.
It's pretty cold in this ice age!
I'm in a blizzard watching hailstones of rage,
 It's time to revive our hearts which have become so disengaged,
Take away those protective layers, 
and open your heart to a brand new day,   
Let's focus on a brand new way!
Isn't it time for Spring yet?
Not just outside, but on the inside,
Dead hearts opening becoming more engaged.
Pure  hearts opening , becoming more alive,
Don't just sit back, become  more inspired!
As we watch the flowers return,
New flowers bud, blossom and birth,
The One who gives life to the earth,
Can give Life to your Heart first!
Allah gives life to what was once lifeless!
Allah gives life to the earth after lifelessness..
The softness of our hearts, The remembrance of Allah
Has not the time come for the hearts 
Of those who believe to be affected by Allah's reminder?
Make the Qu'ran  the spring of your heart and the summer of your spirit,
Keep striving, eventually you'll feel it!
No longer ailments of the heart
Winter is slowly on its way to depart!
Let go of that winter chill.
Continue to blossom, don't remain still.
Allow your heart to open and perceive how it feels.
 Isn't it time for Spring yet?
Isn't it time to just let...
Spring Come!

Winter Hearts by Nailah Abdus-Salaam

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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