Free Falling Love

by Nailah Abdus-Salaam

 Love's not seen with the eyes
 But, with the mind.
 Love is a fire
 Burning deep within the soul
 Just as the sun renders its gold.
 As the stars light up the night sky
 As the moon illuminates all those passerbys.
 As the rain teardrops fall
 Penetrating the earth's vast form
 As a snowflake drifts gently
 As the dew embraces dawn.
 As a new day gives birth
 Embracing sun and light
 A light so bright
 It illuminates the night.
 Free Falling Love
 The simplest
 Most natural thing to do
 Where each day begins and ends with beautiful thoughts of you.

Free Falling Love by Nailah Abdus-Salaam

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