You Got Me...

by Nigel Mugamu

In my solitude
Accepting your suggestions
You ask questions
Questions: what it took
From then to the idea of the book
Sharing hopes and dreams
Possibly playing permanently for your team
On a real, girl you got me thinking

You got me feeling
My hearts screaming
For love
For your love
To embrace
To share
To care
To hold
Let it come naturally
Love like this Ė so healthy
Bringing me back to reality

You got me guessing
And even confessing
The truth
Even though things that seem uncouth
Just so you know
This, right here is something I canít let go

You got me wishing
Ending my thoughts without me finishing
Your whole being as it stands
Because I know you understand
And you embrace me too as I am

You got me open
Releasing thoughts never spoken
Girl your presence creating these notions
A crib by the ocean
Baby can my love by your body lotion?
Wondering if our hearts will beat together in motion
This moment is priceless - letís keep it frozen
Bottle it up and give it to you as a love token

You got me thinking seriously
Did you hear me?
I could do this slowly
Wait for matrimony
Your whole being is affecting me
And Iím loving that

You got me excited
I canít fight it
I canít describe it
Tried to deny it
Why hide it?
This is real
Girl this is how I feel

You got me buzzing
With energy
Ideas for my floetry
Questioning my mentality
Which is always healthy
Touching my soul
As we both grow
A feeling like this? I canít let go

You got me smiling
From deep within
Remembering the joy your voice brings
Or the look on your face when you sing
When you sing?
Itís such a beautiful thing.

You Got Me... by Nigel Mugamu

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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