When I Grow Up

by Nigel Mugamu

Above all I want to make a difference
Build schools and hospitals for instance
We indulge and yet we always want some more
My heart hurts as it feels for the poor
ĎGod is not a foolí Angie always states
Iíll make my mark no matter what it takes,

As a child I dreamt of being a cook
I laugh as I slowly complete my book
Not that being a cook is wrong
Itís just within my poetic family is where I truly belong
Constantly spitting verses for all my people
Reminding them God is good and stay away from evil,

I also remember and these are memories I protect
All I ever wanted was money, power and respect
Now I have my faith and my close-knit family
I know now I can make my dreams a reality
I wonít allow money to become lifeís typical downfall
Even though in the end I really do want it all
Not so much for me;
But to provide for my entire family
Do my part for the unemployed
Let them know that theyíre not ignored
We see them; we just choose not to act
Iíll change things when I grow up Iíll promise you that
Even though we may suffer now, we shall overcome
Invest in the future, lest we forget where it all begun
Take my money to Africa, my beautiful and bountiful homeland
Show the world that united we still stand

The elders before us clearly say
Rome wasnít built in one day
To create the required unity
We need to cultivate this mentality within the community
Reach out to the masses and beyond
Distribute the wealth to create that essential bond
Show the world that indeed we are free
Free from manipulation that arises from economic slavery
We have knowledge and resources in multitude
I just want to change the worldís attitude
Tired of being labelled Ďthe dark and poor nationí
Not angered anymore, only running low on patience

As an African, I see the world talk of war
In my mind I know theyíre just trying to even a score
Letís stop for a minute and think about this
Can we sit down and talk? Canít we co-exist?
I know itís a doggy dog world out there
Innocent people will die but do we really care?
I guess not
I still ask why not?
When I grow up, Iíll do my part to make things right
Show them that we donít always have to fight
Sit down, talk and resolve our differences
Maybe build schools and hospitals for instances
Put the love and energy back into our community
Encourage love to become our sense of security

As a Zimbabwean, constantly mindful of the problems occurring at home
Racial harmony, economic prosperity, law and order are all gone
When I grow up Iíll change all that
Remind people it doesnít matter if youíre white or black
After all in Godís eyes we are all equal
And this is what Iíll teach all my people

Calmly I sit and gather my thoughts
Contemplating lessons that need to be taught
Loveis the missing link in this whole equation
I canít believe we even let it get to this current situation
I asked a question once, what do you do for a living?
Iím really saying, what are you doing? What are you giving?
You see, we all seem to just take
I thought the equation was to give and take
We need to stop, pause and step back
To love like we used to, itís as simple as that.

When I Grow Up by Nigel Mugamu

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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